Providing Custom Ceramic Tiles for More Than 12 Years

Human relationships are now often formed by vast networks of computers and servers, and a frequent connection to human touch can be difficult to find. However, by inviting handmade tiles into a living space, a link can be formed between the people who inhabit a home, the individual tile makers, and the artisans who shaped millennia-old traditions of ceramic craft and our aesthetic world.

The mission of Mediterra Tile is to pay homage to the vast ceramic traditions of the Mediterranean region and synthesize and connect these cultural legacies into an inventive, forward-looking collection of tile, which leaves our own imprint on the story of ceramic tradition.

Our tiles are crafted by hand, and each tile is touched by countless souls as it makes its way to the kiln; each artisan imparting an intangible trace of themselves. It is people who make the choices that create meaning within that space. It is people who define Mediterra Tile and allow us to connect with our customers and friends through the daily ritual of life. Live richly.

Mediterra Tile